Deadly Accident With Dump Truck Kills Teens In The Cajon Pass

Tuesday night five teenagers were traveling back home from the spending the day at the beach when they were pushed off the road into an embankment in the Cajon Pass by a dump truck holding concrete.  San Bernardino County Fire Department spokeswoman Tracy Martinez the accident occurred at the intersection of the 138 and 15 Freeways in Phelan.  As the dump truck enter the curvy southbound 15 Freeway exit, the trucks breaks went out.  As the dump truck exited Highway 138, the driver was unable to stop and collided with the PT Cruiser which was occupied by the five teenagers.  Both vehicles continued about 20 feet off the road as they finally come to a complete stop with the PT Cruiser pinned underneath the truck.

San Bernardino County coroner identified two of the victims killed in the accident as 18-year-old Nicole Lyle of Victorville, and 16-year-old Anthony Cabrera Jr. from Phelan.  The three others were transported to a local hospital where they were treated for injuries sustained in the car crash.  Friends, family, and other school members attended a gathering outside Serrano High School to remember the young two that had lost their lives that night.  No matter what the circumstance, it’s always a tragedy when a life is lost.  If you or a family member have been involved in a car accident and are in need of legal services, contact the California personal injury attorneys at Guldjian Law.

Young Girl Killed In Tragic Motorcycle Accident In Rancho Cucamonga

The San Bernardino County Sheriff Department responded to a collision that involved a semi-truck and a motorcycle early Tuesday morning.  The accident took place on 6th street near Hermosa Avenue in Rancho Cucamonga around 11:00 a.m. when a semi made a sudden U-turn in front of a motorcycle.  Apparently, the semi driver did not realize that he had collided with the motorcycle and proceeded to make the turn.  With the motorcycle still pinned underneath the truck, he continued back and forth as he tried to negotiate the U-turn.

People that witnessed the crash were screaming at the driver to stop, but he was unaware of the current situation around him.  The motorcyclist was not the only one affected by the accident; he was also carrying a four-year-old little girl as a passenger.  The motorcyclist sustained severe injuries but sadly, the young girl sustained far worse.  As the truck tried to make the turn, he crushed the girl when he reversed the truck and went forward again.

The motorcyclist was a combat veteran according to Sheriff’s detectives, he and the young girl were wearing helmets at the time of the accident.  Witness Cheri Slocumb ran to check the child’s pulse but received nothing.  She recalled sorrowing words from the motorcyclist as he was lying next to her; he kept saying, “I am so sorry, I am so sorry. Breathe baby, please breathe.”

Slocumb stated if the truck drive had not reversed, the child would have been okay.  San Bernardino investigators interviewed the driver, witnesses, and motorcyclist to get a better understanding of what happened.  In the state of California, there is no age restriction for motorcycle passengers.

There are no words that can describe the tragic loss of this young girl.  Hopefully in the future, lawmakers will realize that changes to our current motorcycle laws are needed to help keep children safe. Even with an experienced bike rider, accidents can still occur without warning.  If you or a loved one have been affected by a motorcycle accident in the San Bernardino area, please contact our personal injury attorneys at Guldjian Law.  There is nothing more important than keeping your family safe, so let our attorneys ensure that your family is rightfully protected today.

I was Ticketed for Speeding, What Should I do?

It is not just flashing lights in the rearview mirror that can make a driver nervous, but thinking about the rise in their insurance premiums if they are issued a ticket. Most know that they can be surcharged for their auto insurance after they are convicted of a driving infraction, but many are shocked to see just how expensive this can be. Choosing a qualified Virginia traffic attorney can help drivers to fight these tickets and keep them off of their driving records.

Some think that when they are given a no point ticket, that this will not impact their insurance premium. This is not true, even a no point ticket will raise insurance premiums. The best way to avoid this rise to find a good Virginia criminal attorney who has the experience to fight the ticket. In many cases, a good case can be made to the court for the ticket to be dropped, and it will keep insurance premiums at a far more reasonable rate. In some cases, somebody may already have a few tickets and be in danger of not qualifying for insurance or of losing his or her license. Sometimes, even just one more ticket can push people over the edge.

Those who are facing speeding tickets along with something more serious like a DUI need to contact a Virginia DUI lawyer, who can help to defend their case and keep them out of jail. In many cases, insurance companies refuse those who have a recent DUI, and it can even make it tougher for drivers to get a job. A good attorney can help to fight these charges, and keep people from paying the exorbitant that often comes with getting a DUI.

In many cases, people feel that the ticket that they received was unjustified. For those who feel that the citation was wrong, contacting an attorney is often the best way to get justice in court. They will compile the evidence that the court needs to prove that this ticket was given out unfairly, and they may be able to get it dropped from a driver’s record. Those who have been ticketed don’t need to panic; they just need to speak with a traffic attorney in Richmond about how best to handle it.

Can I Handle My Labor Discrimination Case By Myself In California?

One of the most unfair circumstances to deal with is discrimination at the workplace. There are legal remedies to deal with noncompliant employers that work to indemnify the employee’s situation. However, there are certain legal procedures that must be followed in order to gain a favorable verdict in court.

Many who have been the victims of discrimination in the workplace have attempted to handle their case and have been unsuccessful simply because they overlooked a small detail in the processing of their case. Alternatively, they did not know how to prove adequately to the court they had a warranted case that should be heard.

Cases of discrimination are processed through the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. They have an established set of guidelines and protocols that must be followed in order to process a claim against an employer. The first thing the EEOC will require of a claimant is to offer proof that they have a valid claim. They will require evidence that can be substantiated in some way. In cases where it is the employee’s word against the employer’s, the employee will face an uphill battle to prove their case.

Once the claimant successfully in establishes a basis for a claim with the EEOC, the real work begins. Both the candidate and the employer will be asked to offer statements regarding the case and provide any written documentation requested in a timely manner. The employer could demand that the parties participate in a mediation session to try and come to an agreement or settlement in the case.

If mediation is chosen, the parties meet with their legal representation to attempt to reach a monetary agreement. Negotiations could also include responsibilities for the employer to increase discrimination awareness classes for employees to prevent future cases of discrimination. Attending mediation without legal representation could be quite intimidating for the claimant. More than likely, the employer will have legal representation, and a skilled San Diego discrimination attorney can make an unrepresented claimant feel insecure and anxious.

If no agreement can be reached in mediation, the parties will have to go to court. EEOC court has its set of rules, and it is crucial to have a great understanding of those rules and procedures to be successful.

While some may think there are benefits to handling a discrimination case on their own, the potential risks can be severe. Our attorneys at Gehres Law Group in San Diego could be a great asset to help get the restitution that is deserved and just.

What Will Happen if an Individual Refuses to Take the Chemical Test?

According to Washington State implied consent law, if you are stopped and arrested by a police officer, who suspects that you have driving under the influence, you agree to take a chemical test to show what your blood alcohol content is. Most often you are asked to take a breath test unless you are unconscious, or there is suspicion of drug influence. In those cases, blood tests are given. These tests must be administered with two hours. Contrary to popular belief, you can also be arrested for DUI in Seattle even if you are in the driver’s seat but not driving. The car may not be going, but Washington DUI laws assume that the driver may start operating again. At the time you are arrested for a DUI; the police must inform you that you can decline the test, but you might be forfeiting your license and receive other penalties if you are convicted. With a refusal, the officer must tell you about license suspension and information about how to arrange for a hearing. A police officer usually cannot force you to take the test except in cases where there is severe injuries or death. The arresting officer will mark your license and give you permission to drive for 60 days or until your hearing date arrives.

In Washington State, it is not a wise idea to refuse the chemical tests when arrested for a DUI. If this is your very first DUI offense in the state of Washington, your jail time could be up to one year and a fine ranging from $350 to $5,000. When you get the license suspension for one year for refusing the tests, you could still get a conviction if a prosecutor claims you refused because you knew you were intoxicated above the legal limit.

If you have been arrested for declining to take the required chemical test, talking to a good lawyer who knows the DUI laws in Washington is a wise idea. This is especially true if your DUI experience involved property damage or injuries to persons. If this arrest is your second or more DUI, the consequences can be very severe and can strongly affect your life. The DUI laws are very strict, and a lawyer can inform you of the laws and help you receive fair treatment from the courts of law.

State to state, DUI penalties and sentences different according to state laws. Some states have tougher fines, longer license suspensions or more time in jail than others. Usually, sentences depend on whether the defendant is a first-time or a repeated offender. Washington state is similar to other states in that fines, jail or prison time and license suspension or revocation significantly depends on the number of past DUI convictions. The type of prior charges can also make a difference in the sentence a judge hands down, as recent hit-and-run or vehicular manslaughter charges would have an impact on the decision. For individuals living in cities such as Seattle, license suspension or revocation is likely if they are arrested and convicted of a DUI, but the amount of time varies from case to case.

In Washington state, drivers often face suspensions or revocations when they are initially arrested and when they are brought up on charges. The amount of time their licenses are suspended or revoked also depends on whether they consent to breath or blood tests for their blood alcohol content. Drivers that refuse to take the test usually get longer revocations or suspensions. Adults over 21 with a BAC of 0.08 or higher and youth under 18 with a BAC of 0.02 or above can receive anywhere from a year to four years suspension or revocation, depending on the amount of previous offenses. Sometimes drivers can obtain an ignition interlock device.

Once drivers’ licenses have been suspended or revoked, they have a chance to argue for reinstatement during a hearing, which must take place within 20 days of the arrest. They need to request a hearing to challenge a suspended or revoked license. Even if they can get their licenses reinstated, drivers can still face an additional license revocation or suspension as well as fines or jail or prison time if they are convicted of DUI charges.

When faced with DUI charges, defendants interested in having their licenses reinstated to need to make sure to file paperwork within the state’s 20-day time frame. During the arrest, it is important that they hold on to any paperwork from police officers, including license revocations. Individuals interested in an ignition interlock device need to make sure to make a request, either right after the arrest or initial revocation or suspension hearing.

Our Seattle Dellino Law Firm are experienced in handling DUI cases can often help defendants to have their charges reduced or cases dismissed entirely. In DUI cases, defense sides sometimes argue for inconclusive results on field sobriety tests, the presence of alcohol in mouthwash or other substances, a case of “mouth alcohol” or improper administration of breath or blood testing as DUI defenses. With the help of an attorney, a defendant may be able to obtain paperwork to show inconsistencies or errors with sobriety or breath tests.

Can an attorney get my ticket dismissed?

Once you are assigned a traffic citation, you are in the system. It gets taken to the police station at the end of the officer’s shift. A few days later, it is taken to the courthouse where it is entered into their database. That is where it sits until such time as your case appears on the court’s call. You show up at the designated location, find your courtroom, and 30 minutes later your case is called, and you freeze. The judge asks you whether you’d like to come back for a trial, and you are still frozen. The case is set for trial, and you are given a trial date a month later.

The good news about freezing up is you did not enter a guilty plea. You would have been at the mercy of the prosecutor and the judge. They do not care what the other consequences might be for you, so long as your fine and court costs are eventually paid.

When you realize that you do not know how to try a case, it is time to contact a traffic attorney. That is a good decision because had you pled guilty, you’d have been convicted of the a traffic offense in Virginia, and points would have been assessed against your record. You’d probably also experience a painful bump in your insurance premiums for at least two years. That is just one of the consequences of a conviction.

An experienced Virginia traffic attorney in can look at a ticket and know within 30 seconds whether there’s a likelihood of getting it dismissed. They know this because they’ve looked at thousands of them. Those 30 second assessments usually involve technical defenses. Other reasons might include the officer not appearing at your trial as a complaining witness, a plea to an equipment violation in return for dismissal of the moving violation, or an agreement to pay the fine then and there in return for release subject to successful completion of a defensive driving program. Many of those programs can be attended over the internet.

Traffic lawyers also know which tickets they cannot get dismissed. Those are the ones that are up for negotiation. When a traffic attorney is in the same courtrooms every day with the same prosecutors and judges, the familiarity factor becomes an effective device, particularly if that attorney has credibility. Never try to represent yourself. You stand a high likelihood of a much better result with a professional Virginia traffic attorney that understands the traffic laws of Virginia.

Our traffic attorneys also represent client that have received a traffic citation in the following areas in Virginia:

What Qualifies As Discrimination at a Workplace?

If you think your employer is treating you unfairly at work, then it is your right to press charges on them. Employment discrimination is illegal, and you should take legal action to have your employer punished. The following article provides an overview of discrimination at a workplace.

What is discrimination?

Workplace discrimination is where an employer treated you or a group of people differently from others in another group but situated at the same place. Employment discrimination that goes against the California public policy is unlawful. Public policy is anything that has been prohibited by regulation or law established by an agency of the government or passed by the legislature. This includes statutes that forbid discrimination against individuals who belong to protected groups. As well as individuals of a particular race, sex, disability, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, marital status, genetic information and age (above 40 years).

Public policy protects individuals who complain regarding reduced wages or those who exercise their voting rights, domestic violence rights, family leave rights and those who protest against an issue of public concern.

Your employer cannot change the terms of your employment contract or expel you if their reasons are against public policy. For instance, your employer cannot allocate more work to you contrary to what is stipulated in the job contract, because of your sex, race, religion , national origin or due to the fact that you protested against safety violations.

Enforcing Discrimination Laws

There are different ways of enforcing your rights against discrimination depending on the public policy that has been breached. In California, you can make a claim with the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) within a year. This is an agency of the state whose duty is to enforce California’s anti-discrimination laws.

The other way of pursuing a discrimination claim is by submitting your application to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) within 300 days. The EEOC is an agency charged with enforcing federal laws on anti-discrimination.

What does the DFEH do?

It will process your charges and decide on whether there are enough grounds to pursue your case. It uses its attorneys to follow up on your case. You will be given a letter giving you the right to sue. Most federal agencies are short on staff and have a shortage of funding which delays the process of looking into claims of discrimination. This is the reason most people prefer hiring an attorney to pursue a discrimination claim.

Hiring a Business Attorney

Consulting a lawyer is the fastest way to enforce your rights against discrimination. A labor discrimination attorney will go through the facts of your case and tell you whether it is right to file a claim. If you meet all the condition for filing a suit, your attorney will prepare the necessary documentation and file the claim for you in court. Your lawyer will plead your case against the defendant (your employer) in a court of law. Our experienced business law group will ensure you are awarded the damages that apply to your case at this moment ensuring justice is served.

Damage Awards

If you win a lawsuit against your employer’s act of discrimination, you can get several kinds of compensation like emotional distress, lost wages, statutory attorney fees, and litigation costs. You can also be awarded punitive damages in order to punish your employer.

I’ve Been In A Car Accident In Riverside, Should I Contact A Personal Injury Attorney?

America is home to over 3.8 million car accidents in 2013 alone.  Each one of those accidents resulted in an injury that needed medical attention.  Most officials would agree that the majority of accidents occur from people’s disregard and human error.  Many accidents can be prevented just by paying attention to the road and being aware of others.  However, with being such a technological society, cell phones, and other devices are now keeping drivers from making safe decisions.  Not only are car accidents physically damaging, they can cripple families financially as well.

Should you contact a personal injury attorney if you have been in a collision, but you were not injured?  Yes, in most car accident cases, injuries will not make themselves present for a day or two after the crash occurred, so it is important to contact a personal injury attorney promptly.  A personal injury attorney will take the necessary steps to ensure that you and your family are taken care of.

It is important to know how to handle a car accident, because it is not a matter of if, but when.  After an accident has occurred, check for any injuries you may have sustained.  Check on the other party, if there are no injuries call the local police so an official report can be taken.  If you have a camera on hand, be sure to take photos of the area where the accident occurred, your vehicle, as well as the other parties vehicle.  If the police officer asks you questions about the accident be sure to give accurate and precise responses, don’t answer any questions you do not understand or are unsure about.  Gather phone numbers, names, and addresses from all occupants of the other vehicle, including passengers.

Personal injury attorneys are skilled experts in all laws surrounding car accidents and injuries; they can ensure that you and your family are rightfully protected.  It is vital that you consult an attorney if you have been in a car accident in Riverside, California as soon as possible.

Washington State Lawmakers Attempting To Make 4th DUI a Felony

Washington state lawmakers are attempting to change the state’s DUI laws so that a 4th DUI conviction within a 10-year period would be a felony.  Current DUI laws make a 5th DUI conviction within 10 years a felony charge.

Sen. Mike Padden has introduced Senate Bill 5105 which will be before the Senate Law and Justice Committee this year.  There have been discussions in previous years to lower the felony DUI threshold, but they never materialized into law because of concerns over the cost of housing additional DUI felons.

However, after having family members of victims killed by drunk drivers speak at public hearings, lawmakers believe they have enough support to change the felony DUI laws in Washington.  Currently, neighboring states Oregon and Idaho have DUI laws that make a 3rd DUI conviction a felony.

Being arrested for criminal DUI in Seattle can have life-changing consequences, especially if you’ve been convicted previously and face felony DUI charges.  The Seattle criminal defense attorneys at Dellino Law Group represent clients arrested for DUI in the Seattle area.

Major Crashes On Both Sides Of I-80

It all started with a crash that had already happened on one side of the highway. Commuters were completely backed up with stop-and-go traffic on I-80 caused from the crashed cars that blocked the road. It was reported that this all happened right about the time of morning rush hour when everyone in the Sacramento area is on their way to work. As one side of the highway is backed up from a crash, it becomes a spectacle to the opposite side of the highway. Around 8 a.m. on Monday morning the CBS13 news crew was setting up to film a segment on the scene of the crash.
As the camera was rolling, it caught a second single car accident on the opposite side of the highway. The truck had veered off into the median of the two highway roads. This, of course, caused a chain reaction of cars colliding into one another. One of the cars that had stopped after the initial single car had smashed into the median, a second vehicle that was approaching failed to see the stopped traffic and rear-ended the car so hard that the car went from, the highway road, into the truck that had hit the median. This created a mass amount of commotion on both the westbound and eastbound sides of I-80.
It was reported that the second car that was hit, collided with the truck as the driver was going to open his door to get out. This slammed his door shut and shook his entire truck. There were at least five vehicles involved in the accident. There is no further information as far as how badly anyone was injured in the crash. You can also watch the video footage on the news channel’s website.
In the event, that there is an accident on the road, just make sure that you’re still being cautious that you are still driving well. If you are ever in an accident like this in the Sacramento area, and you are hurt and anyway from the accident you were a victim in, make sure you acquire a Sacramento accident lawyer.