What Is Wrongful Death?

Wrongful death is a civil law claim that states someone is responsible for the death of someone else. There may be criminal charges attached to these claims, but these claims are often created for things like car accidents and medical procedures where there is no criminal fault involved.

A personal injury attorney can file a claim for wrongful death based on the evidence that is presented to and collected by the lawyer. The attorney will find all the evidence they can for the case, and the attorney will tell you if the case can even be taken any farther than it has been already. This is a crucial part of the case, and you may not have enough evidence to make sure that you can go forward.

What Do You Sue For?

You can sue for medical expenses, emotional damages and other damages based on the wrongdoing of someone else. Your lawyer is going to figure out how much you can sue for, and the people that are involved in the case can all be sued for different amounts. This is something that your lawyer should decide, but make sure that you talk to your agent about this because their fee comes from the money that you win.

How Long Does It Take?

The suit could take a long time if the other party is stalling in court or trying to get your case dismissed. You do not need to do anything to move your case along, but you need to make sure that you have done your homework so that you understand how long this could take. A wrongful death lawsuit is a big deal for both parties, and you need to be prepared to commit at least a year to the process.

Our Orange County personal injury attorneys are able to help you with your claim as well as obtain the compensation that you deserve. You must make sure that you file your claim as soon as possible so that it is not dismissed on grounds of it being too old. So contact our injury law firm in Orange County today for a free legal consultation.

San Bernardino Accident Injures Two Children, Driver Suspected of DUI

Police responded to a San Bernardino car accident that occurred Monday evening when the driver of an SUV ran a stop sign and crashed into another vehicle and two parked cars. Two young children were thrown from the SUV and into the street, both sustained injuries but are in stable condition. Both children were transported to a local medical center where they were treated for non-life-threatening injuries investigators stated.

Police described the driver of the Chevrolet Tahoe, who had run the stop sign, as a San Bernardino resident in his 30’s. The accident totaled the Tahoe and critically damaged a Jeep Liberty. “The driver she described as stunned was being investigated as a stop-sign runner who was believed to have been driving under the influence, said Sgt. Darren Means.”

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Chesapeake Bay Man Arrested After Leading Police on Pursuit While Under The Influence

Early Tuesday morning around 8:00 a.m., Police received reports of a drunk driver driving recklessly through the downtown streets of Constance Road and North Main Street. The chase began near the Portsmouth Boulevard and 58 Route into Chesapeake where is continued into Suffolk.

Authorities were able to discover where the driver’s residence from the vehicle’s plates. As the arrived at the house on the 300 block of S. Broad Street the suspect driving the car opened his door and sprinted to the door. Police were able to apprehend the man using a Taser before he could make it inside of the housed.

Neighbors nearby saw the whole ordeal do down. One witness stated that “We all saw him eventually get taken out on a stretcher to the ambulance.” Authorities were able to identify the man as Michael Gardison, Jr.; he was transported to a hospital for minor injuries. There was also reports that Michael is also a wanted man by the U.S. Marshals Office. Investigators and officers could smell a strong odor of ammonia coming from the home.  Suffolk Firefighters, Police, and Virginia State Police had begun searching the home for possible drug manufacturing. Authorities worked around the clock trying to decontaminate the home while also searching for evidence.

Police also arrested and charged Michael’s 32-year-old wife Amanda Hardison with manufacturing methamphetamine. Child Protective Services arrived at the home to tend to the couple’s two young children. Witnesses informed police that two other children lived at the residence but were presumed to be at school.

If you have been arrested for DUI in around the Richmond area and are in need of legal representation, contact our Richmond criminal defense attorneys today.

Massive Car Accident in San Bernardino Causes Major Traffic and Injures Two People

Tuesday afternoon around 3:00 p.m., authorities and paramedics responded to a report of an accident that took place on the westbound lanes of the 10 Freeway. The San Bernardino accident involved more than six vehicles and injured two people. Most of the 10 Freeway lanes were closed off because of the accident, causing snarled traffic as far as Redlands.  Work crews tended to fuel leak that was coming from an overturned semi truck. By 5:00 p.m., all lanes had been closed off and were reopened about three hours later that night.

The driver of the tractor-trailer and another driver involved in the accident were transported to a local medical center where they received treatment for their injuries. Authorities are still investigation to see what caused the massive accident in San Bernardino.

Everyone involved in the accident was very lucky that they hadn’t sustained any critical injuries. If you or a loved one have been injured in a San Bernardino car accident, contact our dedicated San Bernardino accident attorneys. Our experienced accident attorneys can help you and your family recover from an accident today.

Hit-And-Run Driver Arrested After Breaching UCI Road World Championship Security Lines

27-year-old Michael Sciolino is now facing several criminal charges after he entered the UCI Road World Championship course under the influence of alcohol or some other intoxicating substance. Police stated that Sciolino drove his Chevrolet Camaro into the course that ignited a short-lived high-speed chase. Sciolino was able to evade police at the intersection of Robin Hood Road and North Boulevard. After he had collided with a barricade on Davis Avenue, Sciolino proceeded to drive erratic until he came to a final stop. The whole situation was over in about five minutes.

Authorities are not sure why Sciolino drove onto the course despite the heavy presence of police and roadblocks. Sciolino confessed that he wasn’t under the influence of alcohol but an unknown substance. Police are now waiting on the result of the toxicology test.

Richmond Police have charged Sciolino with felony eluding, hit-and-run, resisting arrest and DUI. Sciolino’s record show’s that he had been arrested for DUI and various traffic offenses in the past. His court date had been sent for Monday morning.

Being charged with DUI in Richmond can be a devastating and undesired event for anyone. With the help of our dedicated Richmond DUI attorney, you don’t have to face your DUI alone.

High-Speed Chase Ends After San Bernardino Sheriff Deputies Shoot And Killed Suspect

Friday afternoon San Bernardino County sheriff’s deputies shot a suspect who was driving in the wrong way on the 215 Freeway.  County Coroner’s Office identified the man as 32-year-old Fontana resident Nicholas Johnson.

The ordeal all started when police identified the suspects vehicle and tried to conduct a traffic stop around 12:50 p.m. The suspect was wanting in relation to a prior home-invasion robbery that took place in Fontana.

Authorities chased the suspects Chevrolet Tahoe through streets in San Bernardino and Fontana before heading in the wrong was lanes of the 215 Freeway.  By this point, the suspect had a close call and sideswiped another vehicle.

Sheriff’s Deputy Olivia Bozek stated that the chase reached speeds as high as 100 mph. Deputies inside a sheriff’s helicopter followed the suspect by air when they realized the man was threatening the safety of the public and began to fire rounds at his vehicle.

The suspect then bailed out of the moving vehicle, which crashed head-on into another driver, and finally collapsed on the side of the road.  It was confirmed that the 32-year-old suspect had taken gunfire, but authorities were uncertain if they caused his death.

Accidents can occur without any notice or any way to predict them. If you have been involved in a car accident in San Bernardino, contact our dedicated personal injury attorneys in San Bernardino today.

Car Crash In San Diego Sends Woman To Prison For 6 Years

A San Diego woman was texting and talking on her cell phone just before her Prius collided into the back of an idling car on an Orange County freeway, killing 23-year-old Deanna Mauer. Jorene Ypano Nicolas was sentenced Friday to six years in solitary confinement.

“The thought of you not being with your daughter is killing me every day,” she said. “From the bottom of my heart, from the bottom of my pain, I’m sorry you can’t physically be with your daughter anymore.”

Nicolas claimed she wanted to check on the victim and attempt to revive her with CPR, but was ordered to stand back because of the risk of injury to the victim’s spine. This account was later contradicted by the testimony of several witnesses according to Orange County Senior Deputy District Attorney Jennifer Walker.

But Orange County Superior Court Judge Steven Bromberg wasn’t convinced by the apology. He imposed the maximum term under the law on the 32-year-old defendant, saying that her lack of remorse was “deafening.”

The judge said her crime was more severe due to the fatality not being caused by mental or physical impairment, mere ignorance and negligence, a choice to text while driving.

“I came here every day to fight for my daughter because you kept blaming her” for causing the crash, she said.

Regarding the defendant’s mournful goodbye to her daughter when she was placed into custody following the verdict, Dawn Mauer said, “You killed my daughter. I didn’t get to say goodbye to her and hug her… You not only killed my daughter, but you killed me and took my life. She was the other half of myself.”

Nicolas sent 13 text messages in the 15 minutes prior to the crash on the San Diego 405 Freeway and then answered a phone call just before the impact, according to Walker.

“An Event Data Recorder, also known informally as a “black box”, in Nicolas’ 2006 Prius indicated she was driving 85 mph at the time of the 10:58 a.m. collision,” the prosecutor said.

“From 10:42 a.m. until 10:56 a.m., there’s a record of the defendant sending 13 text messages. At 10:57 a.m., records indicate she took a call,” according to Walker.

“She’s doing this actively, not paying attention, driving 20 miles per hour over the limit,” Walker said, telling jurors that northbound traffic ahead had come to a halt due to another collision.

A witness reported to investigators that Nicolas did not attempt to help Mauer but instead went back to her vehicle to grab her cellphone and make calls, Walker said.

Nicolas claims that Mauer was the one responsible for the crash.

“She veered into my lane, so I avoided her and I hit the center divider,” Nicolas told reporters last year after her first trial. “I tried to avoid her and her car spun out and hit the center divider.”

Mrs. Mauer will continue life without her beloved daughter who was taken from her due to negligence and ignorance of another driver.

If you or a family member have been in a car accident in San Diego, speaking with an experienced San Diego personal injury attorney will allow you to gain insight on your accident regarding your entitlement to legal compensation from a free legal consultation.

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Washington State Lawmakers Attempting To Make 4th DUI a Felony

Washington state lawmakers are attempting to change the state’s DUI laws so that a 4th DUI conviction within a 10-year period would be a felony.  Current DUI laws make a 5th DUI conviction within 10 years a felony charge.

Sen. Mike Padden has introduced Senate Bill 5105 which will be before the Senate Law and Justice Committee this year.  There have been discussions in previous years to lower the felony DUI threshold, but they never materialized into law because of concerns over the cost of housing additional DUI felons.

However, after having family members of victims killed by drunk drivers speak at public hearings, lawmakers believe they have enough support to change the felony DUI laws in Washington.  Currently, neighboring states Oregon and Idaho have DUI laws that make a 3rd DUI conviction a felony.

Being arrested for criminal DUI in Seattle can have life-changing consequences, especially if you’ve been convicted previously and face felony DUI charges.  The Seattle criminal defense attorneys at Dellino Law Group represent clients arrested for DUI in the Seattle area.

Suspected DUI Driver Runs Through 8 Bicyclist Group in San Diego

Tuesday night, a group of cyclist were riding on Fiesta Island when a suspected DUI driver plowed straight through a group of twenty cyclists.  A total of eight out of twenty bicyclists were injured from the collision caused by 49-year-old Theresa Owens.  The accident occurred around 6:00 p.m. on 1000 Fiesta Island Road next to the Mission Bay Park.

The report describes that the bikers were hit head on with bikes seen flying through the air.  Three of the bicyclist were pinned under Owens vehicle that had to be lifted for the pinned bikers to be rescued.  Injuries received varied from broken bones, fractured vertebrae, and internal injuries.  Owens is bail is held at $100,000 on charges of driving under the influence and possession of controlled substance.

Any car accident can be a horrible event that an individual has to endure, our law firm understands how DUI accidents can impact the people and families involved.  If you have ever participated in a DUI accident and need legal representation, contact our professional personal injury attorneys in San Diego today.

Fatal Crash Leaves Hundreds Without Power

Hundreds experienced a complete power outage in Henrico County on August 30th due to a deadly crash. The power has been restored thanks to Dominion Power crews since the accident. Police are saying that the crash happened at the 2400 block of Williamsburg Road near Eanes Lane.  There is a horrific video of the Sunday morning fatal accident happening just outside of Jane Carter’s home.

“It came right up here to my door and caught on fire, just burst into flames,” Jane Carter said.

It was around 4:00 AM  when she and others like Jasen Mathis heard the accident outside his home.

“I heard a screech and boom. Then all the lights blinked in the house we came outside and the car had run into my neighbors house and it was engulfed in flames,” Jasen Mathis said.

Quickly several neighbors rushed toward the Carter’s home to try and rescue the victim. George Vargas lives next door.

“There was nothing really I could do. I called 911 right away and I was explaining to them what was happening and at the same time the windows were shattering I guess from the flames,’ George Vargas said

“We tried yelling and screaming seeing if someone was in there and we didn’t hear anything and it was just so hot that we really couldn’t get to the car we tried everything,’ Jorge Vargas said.

Police have yet to confirm how the accident occurred. We do know that a power pole was knocked down and hundreds lost power.

A section of Williamsburg road  was closed for several hours Sunday while crews worked to restore power and conduct an investigation. It has since reopened.

The victim’s identity has not yet been given to the public. The accident is still under investigation.

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