Can an attorney get my ticket dismissed?

Once you are assigned a traffic citation, you are in the system. It gets taken to the police station at the end of the officer’s shift. A few days later, it is taken to the courthouse where it is entered into their database. That is where it sits until such time as your case appears on the court’s call. You show up at the designated location, find your courtroom, and 30 minutes later your case is called, and you freeze. The judge asks you whether you’d like to come back for a trial, and you are still frozen. The case is set for trial, and you are given a trial date a month later.

The good news about freezing up is you did not enter a guilty plea. You would have been at the mercy of the prosecutor and the judge. They do not care what the other consequences might be for you, so long as your fine and court costs are eventually paid.

When you realize that you do not know how to try a case, it is time to contact a traffic attorney. That is a good decision because had you pled guilty, you’d have been convicted of the a traffic offense in Virginia, and points would have been assessed against your record. You’d probably also experience a painful bump in your insurance premiums for at least two years. That is just one of the consequences of a conviction.

An experienced Virginia traffic attorney in can look at a ticket and know within 30 seconds whether there’s a likelihood of getting it dismissed. They know this because they’ve looked at thousands of them. Those 30 second assessments usually involve technical defenses. Other reasons might include the officer not appearing at your trial as a complaining witness, a plea to an equipment violation in return for dismissal of the moving violation, or an agreement to pay the fine then and there in return for release subject to successful completion of a defensive driving program. Many of those programs can be attended over the internet.

Traffic lawyers also know which tickets they cannot get dismissed. Those are the ones that are up for negotiation. When a traffic attorney is in the same courtrooms every day with the same prosecutors and judges, the familiarity factor becomes an effective device, particularly if that attorney has credibility. Never try to represent yourself. You stand a high likelihood of a much better result with a professional Virginia traffic attorney that understands the traffic laws of Virginia.

Our traffic attorneys also represent client that have received a traffic citation in the following areas in Virginia: