Career Impacts of DUI Arrest

Recently a Richmond, VA detective was pulled over while driving on I-64 for suspicion of driving while intoxicated.  Upon being pulled over the police officer performed field sobriety tests on the detective and subsequently arrested him for DUI in Henrico County, Va.  The detective was subsequently put on administrative leave.

Unfortunately, people are pulled over every day and arrested for DUI in Henrico County, VA and other counties within Virginia.  Just being arrested for DUI can have serious consequences on your career, like the detective mentioned previously.

Obviously, the best solution is to not drink and drive.  There are so many options available today for people to get home safely, without the need to drive after drinking too much.  You can take a designated driver along with you while out on the town or just call a cab.  There is way too much at risk, just because you have a little too much to drink one day and try to drive home.

If you have been arrested for DUI DWI in Virginia it will most likely require the services of an experienced Virginia DUI lawyer.  Below are few resources to visit to learn more about DUI and legal representation for a DUI arrest in Virginia.