Driver Arrested After Attempting to Flee Crash That Kills One in Moreno Valley, CA

A Los Angeles man was taken into custody early Sunday on suspicion of fleeing the scene of a crash which left a 24-year-old Moreno Valley biker dead on the 60 Freeway in Jurupa Valley.

California Highway Patrol authorities refuse to release the name of the Los Angeles man but claim he was heading east on the 60 Freeway around six a.m. east of Valley way in a 2009 Chevrolet Tahoe when he tried to get by a 1996 Mazda B3000, a CHP report states.

The Los Angeles driver’s Tahoe was going faster than 60 mph when it nicked the right anterior of the Mazda, press reports, subsequently causing the Mazda to spin out into the center median.

The Mazda resided sideways in the carpool lane and the 54-year-old Bellflower man driving exited his vehicle to move to a safe location.

The driver of the Tahoe briefly stopped before attempting to flee east on the 60 Freeway, CHP authorities say.

A motorcyclist was also heading east in the carpool lane but did not see the Mazda parked in the lane. He collided into the Mazda, resulting in the combustion of both his bike and the Mazda after he was ejected momentarily. The biker was pronounced dead at the scene while the Mazda driver was hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries.

Police found the driver of the Tahoe near the intersection of Orange and Russell streets in Riverside, authorities say. The driver was taken into custody and sent to jail on charges of fleeing the scene of the incident.

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