DUI Laws California

There over 200,000 DUI arrests in the state of California every year.  Drunk driver are not just putting their own lives at risk, but others as well.  California has set strict guidelines and laws on how to handle someone being charged with a DUI  in California, in effort to dissuade drivers from drinking and driving.

Many people that have been arrested for a DUI in California ask if they will have to go to jail? The answer is yes, a 1st time DUI is punishable with a minimum of 4 days to 6 months in jail. If an officer has reason to suspect someone of drinking and driving, they will be pulled over and asked to perform some sobriety tests.  Which allows the officer to determine if they are driving impaired.

There are numerous standardized and non-standardized tests that the police office may require a suspected drunk driver to take.  Based upon these tests they may ask the driver to take a breathalyzer test to determine if they are over the legal limit in California, which is .08% BAC (blood alcohol concentration). To learn more about DUI laws in your state, visit www.stateduilaws.net.