Elderly Woman Veers Off Road And Into Business In Garden Grove

Monday, December 10 there was an incident involving an elderly woman and two other people around 3 p.m in Garden Grove. The woman managed to steer her vehicle off the road and into a local businesses on Garden Grove Boulevard. The 8800 block, an area that houses a few local businesses, is where it all took place. The company, the woman, managed to hit was a local Asian restaurant called Pho 86.

The elderly female driver was involved in a minor crash on Garden Grove Boulevard. There was no further information on who she hit, or if they were injured in any way. With all of the commotions going on around her, she puts herself into a panic state. The Owner of Pho 86 motioned that it was her daughter and another local business owner from down the block. When the car, which the elderly woman was operating, collided with the front walls of the restaurant the two people inside were hit by the vehicle and the injured. The Garden Grove Fire Department made sure to respond quickly to the scene for help.

All three people involved were all taken to the hospital. Their injuries were said to be non-life threatening. A tow truck was able to remove the car out of Asian restaurant entry way. There was no further info as to whether or not the business or the buildings were closed down after the incident.

One thing, to keep in mind, is that car accidents like this happen all the time. As the owner of a personal vehicle, you are taking on a certain amount of responsibility as soon as you get behind the wheel, so always make sure you drive carefully. That being said, we as humans. We make errors and accidents happen all the time. It’s important to make sure that you know what to do if you are hurt in an accident. If you are a resident of Garden Grove be sure, you contact a Garden Grove personal injury attorney.