Fatal Crash Leaves Hundreds Without Power

Hundreds experienced a complete power outage in Henrico County on August 30th due to a deadly crash. The power has been restored thanks to Dominion Power crews since the accident. Police are saying that the crash happened at the 2400 block of Williamsburg Road near Eanes Lane.  There is a horrific video of the Sunday morning fatal accident happening just outside of Jane Carter’s home.

“It came right up here to my door and caught on fire, just burst into flames,” Jane Carter said.

It was around 4:00 AM  when she and others like Jasen Mathis heard the accident outside his home.

“I heard a screech and boom. Then all the lights blinked in the house we came outside and the car had run into my neighbors house and it was engulfed in flames,” Jasen Mathis said.

Quickly several neighbors rushed toward the Carter’s home to try and rescue the victim. George Vargas lives next door.

“There was nothing really I could do. I called 911 right away and I was explaining to them what was happening and at the same time the windows were shattering I guess from the flames,’ George Vargas said

“We tried yelling and screaming seeing if someone was in there and we didn’t hear anything and it was just so hot that we really couldn’t get to the car we tried everything,’ Jorge Vargas said.

Police have yet to confirm how the accident occurred. We do know that a power pole was knocked down and hundreds lost power.

A section of Williamsburg road  was closed for several hours Sunday while crews worked to restore power and conduct an investigation. It has since reopened.

The victim’s identity has not yet been given to the public. The accident is still under investigation.

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