Huntington Beach: 1 Killed, 2 Heavily Injured.

Shortly after 11:00 am on Saturday, October 4th, officers from the Huntington Beach Police Department we sent to the scene of a traffic accident off of Garfield Avenue and Edwards Street. Reports read that there were three main cars in to collision (1998 Ford F-150, a silver 2010 BMW X6 and a black 1980 Datsun 280ZX). Further investigation found that the person driver of the Ford F-150 was traveling West on Garfield Avenue when he entered the intersection of Edwards Street. This is where he came in contact with the driver of BMW, who was traveling South on Edwards Street. Which of course is where the two vehicles met the driver of the Datsun.

From what the police say, at least one of the two vehicles then collided with the driver of the Datsun, who was traveling East on Garfield Avenue. Luckily there was Emergency medical help on site. A total of three victims were sent to the UCI Medical Center. Two of them were believed to have been tossed from the Ford truck in the accident. Both of them were found to be in stable condition.

The police has said  that a 19 year old Huntington Beach resident, who was believed to be driving the F-150, was fairly shaken up from the whole ordeal  but was able to give the local law enforcement a description of what happened. The front seat passenger of the Ford was found at the scene with critical injuries. Bystanders around the accidents lent a hand to help him until the emergency medical team was able to sustain him and get him to the hospital. Unfortunately one of the victim was able to make it upon his arrival.

The good news is that the drivers of the BMW and the Datsun made it out alright from situation. The Driver of the BMW was found to have minimal injuries and was able to get out of his vehicle on his own. The driver of the Datsun was found uninjured from the crash. As of right now the police investigation is still going on before any citations or arrests are to be made. Even though its a tragic series of events there are ways to make sure you are as ready as you can be for these types of situations. If you or another person you know are a local resident of Huntington Beach, make sure you consult the right legal professional.