I was Ticketed for Speeding, What Should I do?

It is not just flashing lights in the rearview mirror that can make a driver nervous, but thinking about the rise in their insurance premiums if they are issued a ticket. Most know that they can be surcharged for their auto insurance after they are convicted of a driving infraction, but many are shocked to see just how expensive this can be. Choosing a qualified Virginia traffic attorney can help drivers to fight these tickets and keep them off of their driving records.

Some think that when they are given a no point ticket, that this will not impact their insurance premium. This is not true, even a no point ticket will raise insurance premiums. The best way to avoid this rise to find a good Virginia criminal attorney who has the experience to fight the ticket. In many cases, a good case can be made to the court for the ticket to be dropped, and it will keep insurance premiums at a far more reasonable rate. In some cases, somebody may already have a few tickets and be in danger of not qualifying for insurance or of losing his or her license. Sometimes, even just one more ticket can push people over the edge.

Those who are facing speeding tickets along with something more serious like a DUI need to contact a Virginia DUI lawyer, who can help to defend their case and keep them out of jail. In many cases, insurance companies refuse those who have a recent DUI, and it can even make it tougher for drivers to get a job. A good attorney can help to fight these charges, and keep people from paying the exorbitant that often comes with getting a DUI.

In many cases, people feel that the ticket that they received was unjustified. For those who feel that the citation was wrong, contacting an attorney is often the best way to get justice in court. They will compile the evidence that the court needs to prove that this ticket was given out unfairly, and they may be able to get it dropped from a driver’s record. Those who have been ticketed don’t need to panic; they just need to speak with a traffic attorney in Richmond about how best to handle it.