Major Crashes On Both Sides Of I-80

It all started with a crash that had already happened on one side of the highway. Commuters were completely backed up with stop-and-go traffic on I-80 caused from the crashed cars that blocked the road. It was reported that this all happened right about the time of morning rush hour when everyone in the Sacramento area is on their way to work. As one side of the highway is backed up from a crash, it becomes a spectacle to the opposite side of the highway. Around 8 a.m. on Monday morning the CBS13 news crew was setting up to film a segment on the scene of the crash.
As the camera was rolling, it caught a second single car accident on the opposite side of the highway. The truck had veered off into the median of the two highway roads. This, of course, caused a chain reaction of cars colliding into one another. One of the cars that had stopped after the initial single car had smashed into the median, a second vehicle that was approaching failed to see the stopped traffic and rear-ended the car so hard that the car went from, the highway road, into the truck that had hit the median. This created a mass amount of commotion on both the westbound and eastbound sides of I-80.
It was reported that the second car that was hit, collided with the truck as the driver was going to open his door to get out. This slammed his door shut and shook his entire truck. There were at least five vehicles involved in the accident. There is no further information as far as how badly anyone was injured in the crash. You can also watch the video footage on the news channel’s website.
In the event, that there is an accident on the road, just make sure that you’re still being cautious that you are still driving well. If you are ever in an accident like this in the Sacramento area, and you are hurt and anyway from the accident you were a victim in, make sure you acquire a Sacramento accident lawyer.