Obtaining a Settlement in a Motorcycle Accident

California is home to over 799,000 registered motorcycles, making accidents a common occurrence. While many accidents do not end up in serious injuries, those that do are typically serious. Fortunately, personal injury law gives motorcycle accident victims a way to obtain compensation for their injuries. If you or someone you love has been hurt in a California motorcycle accident, contact a personal injury attorney for advice.

California Helmet Laws

California law requires motorcyclists to wear a helmet at all times while on the roadways. If you are involved in an accident and suffering a head injury while you are not wearing a helmet, you may have difficulty obtaining a settlement in a personal injury lawsuit. Because California is a pure comparative negligence state, your settlement could be reduced if you were assigned a portion of the blame in the accident.

Proving Negligence

If you file a personal injury lawsuit in a motorcycle case, you will be required to prove the other driver was careless or negligent and caused the accident. Some things that may be considered negligent are:

  • Driving While Intoxicated
  • Driving Under The Influence
  • Road Rage
  • Following Too Closely
  • Disobeying Traffic Signs And Signals

It is not always an easy task to prove who was negligent and caused an accident. For this reason, it is usually best to have an attorney represent you.

Types Of Injuries

Being hurt in a motorcycle accident typically leads to serious injuries, due to the lack of protection the motorcyclist has. Unlike passenger car, truck or SUV occupants, motorcyclists are susceptible to more severe injuries depending on the force of impact. Some of the most common motorcycle injuries are:

  • Crush Injuries
  • Head Injuries
  • Brain Injuries
  • Multiple Broken Bones
  • Facial Fractures And Disfigurement
  • Severed Limbs

Damages Awarded

Motorcyclists may be awarded damages depending on the severity of their injuries and if the injuries were disabling. These damages may include:

  • Hospital Bills
  • Ambulance Fees
  • Cost Of Therapy
  • Medical Device Costs
  • Price Of Alternate Transportation
  • Lost Wages
  • Future Lost Wages If You Are Disabled Due To The Accident

Being involved in a California motorcycle accident is stressful and you may be feeling the strain of mounting medical bills and lost time from work. If so, contact a personal injury attorney for a free accident consultation review of your case and your options.