San Diego Motorcyclist Injured After Being Hit By Car

Oceanside Police are searching for a vehicle that collided into a motorcyclist early Monday morning.  The motorcyclist was stopped for a funeral procession at the intersection of Imperial Way and 45th Street when a car stuck him and drove away.

The identity of the motorcyclist wasn’t released but he was supposedly working as an escort for the funeral procession.  The accident sent the escort and his motorcycle flying several feet in the air, the impact was so violent that the motorcycle was wrapped around a light pole.

Paramedics were soon on scene after witnesses contacted 911 when the accident occurred.  Jesse Ortega was one of the witnesses that ran to help, “He looked like he was in shock,” said Ortega. “His eyes were wide open like he was trying to grasp the situation. He was talking and saying, ‘You know, I’m ok, my hip hurts, I’m ok.'”

The vehicle that crashed in to the motorcyclist was found abounded a few blocks away stated Oceanside Police.  The motorcyclist sustained knee, hip and back injuries and was transported to a local medical hospital.

If you or a loved one are ever involved in a motorcycle accident its very important that you contact local police and a motorcycle accident attorney in Oceanside immediately.