Car Crash In San Jose Leaves Two Injured

San Jose police are currently investigating a  car accident that sent ten people to the hospital and caused eight vehicles to crash into each other. Police believe that the reasons for the collision started  because a driver ran a red light. Ocala Avenue near Capitol Expressway was closed down by street cleanup crews  for over 10 hours. The accident was reported to have happened at 9:28  p.m. on August 18th.  A Mercedes was traveling down the street at moderately high speeds according to police. The driver ran through the red light at the intersection. The driver then sideswiped a car on  the road and caused the chain reaction of collisions that involved six other vehicles. The Mercedes had rolled several times in the accident and then caught fire in the process.

There were three other passengers trapped inside of the vehicle as it was burning. “The officers, who were first on the scene, viewed the crash, pulled out fire extinguishers and requested more fire extinguishers because they saw the vehicle on fire with occupants inside,” said Sgt. Lawrence Birch. Emergency crews were able to put the fires out and rescue the passengers from the once burning car. Both were in critical condition but are more than likely to pull through and survive.   When the car caught fire the driver of the Mercedes tried to escape from the police on foot. The police tracked him down and made the arrest.  The driver was transported to the hospital with major injuries. Police said speed and alcohol played major factors in the cause of the accident. The driver has not yet been identified, but sources say that the driver is facing  felony DUI charges.

The police stated that there were six victims were sent to the hospital with various injuries. It’s not specified if their injuries were severe or minor.   Unfortunately, the roads we shared with people that choose to not drive responsibly. It’s incident like these that leave people critically injured, just like the three that were in the car with the driver or the six other victims with wrecked cars. All because one person chooses to do the wrong thing. There are actions to take if you are  in a situation like this one. The first step is to report any injuries if you have to the police. If you need help make sure to contact a car accident lawyer in San Jose.