Suspected Drunk Driver Causes Crash On I-805

The California Highway Patrol found a massive chain reaction of collisions caused by a suspected drunk driver. The crash caused three men to lose their lives and left five others in critical condition. The driver was arrested by highway patrol for the suspicion of drunk driving that Saturday. The driver was said to have been driving a Cadillac Escalade SUV.

California Highway Patrol said that the SUV was traveling northbound from I-805 and was headed for the transition ramp to Route 52 westbound. The reports say that the crash first started because the suspected drunk driver had lost control of his SUV. When he lost control, the car veered off the main highway and into the dirt embankment on the side. In doing so, the Escalade managed to flip multiple times. Four of passengers inside of the vehicle were not wearing a seatbelt at the time of the crash. Out of those four, two of them were ejected from the car as it was rolling and died on impact. The fifth passenger was, in fact wearing a seatbelt, but was found dead along an off ramp north of Clairmont Mesa.

The three desist passenger’s names were not released to the public, but their age and the areas they were from were said to be a 35-year-old Ridgecrest man, a 23-year-old San Diego man and a 29-year-old San Diego man. Aside from the initial damage of the accident, there were multiple other accidents that were caused because of this. Multiple cars had collided together as a result of the crash. There were also two motorists that found themselves mixed up in the commotion and were said to have minor injuries.

The surviving passengers were quickly transported to the Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla. Once the officers on the scene had determined that the suspect driving the Escalade had been drinking and driving, they drove to the hospital where he was charged and arrested. His name has not been released at this time.

One major lesson that people should take from incidents like this is that accidents happened all the time, but they are even more probable if someone chooses to drive under the influence. It’s all about personal responsibility when it comes down to brass tax. Thing’s like this can completely alter someone’s life, and it causes a lot of financial and emotional stress on top of that. If you are a San Diego resident, and you have fallen victim to an accident such as this one above, make sure you contact a San Diego car accident attorney to see what legal option you have.