Virginia Senator Introduces New Bill That Would Decriminalize Small Amounts Of Marijuana

A new bill that would legalize minor amounts of marijuana was introduced by Virginia state Senator Adam P. Ebbin, D-Alexandria, in hope that it will pass with the coming General Assembly session.  Ebbin’s has had many requests to create a bill that will decriminalize marijuana but not to the extent of what Washington St. and Colorado have done.

Many bills have been proposed to the Virginia House of Delegates and have been unsuccessful, but they have never seen a bill proposed from the Senate.  Many people support Senator Ebbin’s bill to legalize marijuana such as Edward McCann, policy director for Virginia NORML, members of the ACLU, and the NAACP.

Ebbin’s Bill would legalize simple possessions of less than a ounce of marijuana, which is now punishable by a $500 fine and 30 days in jail, in addition to a $100 civil fine payable to the state literary fund.  The bill would also reduce the criminal penalties for possession and distribution with intent to distribute by assuming that a person growing more than six plants would be raising them for personal use.

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In addition, the bill would lesser some laws involving marijuana paraphernalia and limit the forfeiture of the property from the sale of distribution of a pound or more of marijuana.  Ebbin’s stated, “the criminalization of possession of small amount of marijuana ruins far more lives than it impacts in any kind of positive ways.”